Company Profile

With over 25 years experience in Rubber production. Hong Ye Rubber is one of the leading manufacturers of rubber bands and tubes in Taiwan and Vietnam. Our commitment to efficiently delivering the highest quality products at competitive rates has earned us high praise from our clients around the world. Many of whom work with us exclusively to develop customized rubber products.
Our clients operate in a variety of industries, including...
Agriculture  --- Flower, Fruit and Vegetable plantations.
Seafood  ---- Lobster and Crab bands
Fashion  ----- Hair Accessories
Stationery  --- Retail, buisness and postal office (money tie and finger cones, etc. )

Various qualities Rubber Bands that our factory can produce in various sizes, colors, and qualities. We can specify in term of rubber contents 60%, 80% or 100% in various cut width and thickness.
Our finished products are also subjected to various inspections, including the test of the SGS, Reach, Rohs approval.